RonRon Paul, Manager of Operations, NSA

About Us

Newfoundland Service Alliance (NSA) is a locally owned and operated company involved solely in providing repair/maintenance service, fabrication, engineering support and trades personnel to offshore clients. It utilizes the complementary services of its parent companies, preferred subcontractors and their respective supply chains to provide cost-effective solutions to its end customers.  This single entity creates a synergistic approach to servicing the offshore, while maintaining openness to innovative business practices.

Each affiliate company brings its own unique abilities to the group but also shares a number of common strengths. These include being technically "best in class", having a proven track record in the offshore industry, having a local presence and infrastructure and being commercially competitive.

The one stop shop concept creates a common asset identity by working closely together to dismantle the 'client contractor' barrier, bettering the working relationship in achieving a more effective business culture.  It supports all maintenance activities and aims to reduce the level of unplanned work, reducing cost to the client.  It provides single source contact, technical advice and support on all aspects of maintenance and inspection.  This results in a decrease in duplication of client and contractor effort and allows better resource allocation.